Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

This customer service charter describes our commitment to service and outlines the overall standards of service you can expect to receive from Pacis Insurance Company Limited.

Our Purpose

We consistently deliver reliable and responsive service to our customers. 

What Can You Expect from Us?

You can expect; 

  1. Approachable, accessible, effective, efficient and transparent service. 
  2. Courteous, professional and enthusiastic staff who shall greet you in a friendly way and identify themselves by the first name. 
  3. Staff with knowledge, authority and responsibility to deal with your enquiries or to be able to refer you to someone who has. 
  4. A solution-oriented focus when dealing with your questions and a commitment to working with you. 
  5. Confidentiality and respect for privacy. 
  6. All emails and phone calls shall receive a prompt response in line with our standards. 
  7. Clear and accurate information and a user-friendly service.

How Can You Help Us

You can help us by:

  1. Asking us first if you have any questions, don't assume your problem cannot be solved
  2. Telling us as soon as possible of any problems or potential problems
  3. Treating our staff courteously
  4. Providing feedback to enable us to improve our service
  5. Providing accurate and timely information in your dealings with us.
  6. Working with us to solve any problems you may have.

Our Standards

  1. We shall endeavour to serve all our clients within 15 minutes of client contact.
  2. We shall prepare and dispatch renewal notices 6 weeks before renewal 
  3. We shall provide quotation requests within 1 hour.
  4. We shall prepare and release policy documents within 5 working days.
  5. We shall acknowledge all claims made on phone and follow up with an email within four hours. 
  6. We shall visit and assess site/garage within 12 working hours upon notification.
  7. We shall make settlement offers when fully documented within 24 hours.
  8. We shall provide regular updates on claims/repairs development every three days via short message service or email.
  9. We shall reply your email within 24 hours.
  10. We shall pay and settle the fully documented claims within 3 working days or receipt of the accepted offer. 
  11. We shall ensure the provision of solution based customized customer relationship management system. 
  12. We shall answer all phone calls before the third ring with an appropriate greeting.
  13. We shall return all calls within 24 hours of receipt.
  14. We shall ensure all our reception areas are run by competent and friendly staff.
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