Domestic Package

Domestic Package

Live large and risk free with the comfort from our Domestic Package that covers rentals or owned property

Who is the Insurance product for?

Anyone with a residential property whether owned or rented.

What does it cover?

  • Residential building(s)
  • Household contents
  • Electronics and portables
  • Domestic workers
  • Care to the public.

What you need to know

The construction of the building ought to be 1st Class

What are the Benefits?

  • Pacis DP gives you peace of mind at the comfort of your home
  • Financial protection in case of a loss
  • Quick recovery from a loss.

What is the claim Process?

Theft or Damage to Property

  • Notify the insurance company immediately
  • Provide the following documents:
    • Claim form duly completed.
    • Police Abstract Report for theft.
    • Original purchase receipts
  • In some instances, we will appoint a loss adjuster to provide a report before we make an offer.

Download claim form

Domestic Package proposal form

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